ASL Fly Executive

ASL Fly Executive is the new flight concept of ASL Group, a major player in the European business aviation market. The group has more than 35 aircraft in its  fleet, spread over 9 locations in Belgium and the Netherlands. In the start-up phase, flights to Ibiza (summer) and Innsbruck (winter) will be offered.

In the past 15 years, there has only been one clear trend in aviation: the trend towards low-cost. More passengers per plane, removing on-board service, charging for check-in and carry-on luggage. This contributed to a large increase in the number of passengers and thus to more crowded airports.

At Fly Executive, we are offering you the exact opposite: an exclusive flying experience with a limited number of passengers, based on quality, efficiency and premium service. Tickets can only be bought online and under operatorship of ASL Travel, a ASL Group subsidiary. ASL Travel has all the necessary licenses, is a member of the Association of Flemish Travel Agencies (Vereniging Vlaamse Reisbureaus – VVR) and is insured against bankruptcy through MS Amlin. There is a separate log-in for travel agencies.

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