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15h30 – Opening of the Genral Aviation Terminal at Antwerp Airport.

16h20 – Last arrival at the terminal.

16h30 – Start boarding.

17h00 – Departure flight AGR1000 to Innbruck.

18h10 – Arrival at Innsbruck Airport. If you have booked a package holiday, transfer or rental car through Fly Executive, the Fly Executive ski guide will assist you further.

18h00 – Opening check-in at Innsbruck Airport.

18h35 – Closing check-in.

18h50 – Start boarding.

19h15 – Departure flight AGR2000 to Antwerp Airport.

20h25 – Arrival at Antwerp Airport. You can wait at the General Aviation Terminal for the luggage to arrive.

Practical Information

The ski flights depart from the General Aviation Terminal at Antwerp Airport. If you arrive in your own car, it is best to drop off your fellow travellers and luggage at the terminal before parking. A representative of ASL Fly Executive will receive your baggage and check the travellers’ personal details. The terminal opens 90 minutes prior to departure. We ask that you arrive no later than 40 minutes before the departure of your flight. While waiting for boarding time, you can enjoy a drink in the lounge. When it is time to board, you will be escorted to the aircraft in small groups through the security check.

To get to the General Aviation Terminal, you have to pass the main terminal. After 200 metres you will find the terminal for private flights on your left hand side. Use the GPS coordinates of the E-Lounge to get the google maps location.

It is best to use the premium parking. Drop off fellow passengers and luggage at the G.A.T. before parking the car. Park the car as close as possible to the pedestrian passage as indicated on the attached plan. Cost per day: 14 euro.

Each passenger is entitled to one check-in suitcase of maximum 23 kg + one personal item that must fit under the seat. Personal ski’s and ski boots can be brought free of charge. Check-in baggage for babies is limited to 10 kg. In attachment you will find a list of ‘dangerous goods’ which may not be transported or which may only be transported with prior permission.

Important: lithium batteries and power packs must be carried in hand baggage. If these items are detected in the check-in baggage they will be removed with the risk of losing them.

At departure each passenger must present a valid identity card or passport for the period of the journey. Non-EU citizens should check with their embassy which documents are required for travel. Children have to be in possession of a valid kids-ID. A residence permit is NOT a valid document for travel.

ASL Fly Executive will do the seating. Since all seats are identical, there is no qualitative difference between the 30 seats.

Online check-in is not possible.

Travellers with the ‘EU Digital COVID Certificate’ (EUDCC) are approved entry if their EUDCC includes one of the following:

  • Proof of full vaccination, valid for 270 days after the primary vaccination series was completed. Vaccines authorised by the  European Medicines Agency and the World Health Organisation are accepted. A third dose (“booster shot”), administered at least 90 days after the second dose, is valid for 270 days. Recovery after the second dose is equal to a third dose.


  • Certificate of recovery, valid for 180 days after a positive PCR test result.


  • A negative test result, either molecular (PCR, valid 72 hours) or rapid antigen test (valid 24 hours).

Travellers without a certificate of vaccination, recovery or test result must complete the pre-travel clearance form, self-isolate for 10 days, or undergo a PCR test or antigen test and self-isolate until they receive a negative test result.

  • Name change: free of charge
  • Date change: only bringing forward the travel date is allowed. You pay the possible fare difference.
  • Cancellation: tickets are non refundable once issued*.

*If flights are cancelled because of a ban on entry or exit imposed by the Austrian and/or Belgian authorities, you are entitled to a full refund of all unused tickets. The red coloring of the local region as a zone with related obligations such as testing and quarantine on return is not a valid reason for cancellation free of charge.

We recommend that you purchase a cancellation insurance together with your booking. In that case you can recover the costs of a cancellation via the insurance company. Touring will refund the cancellation costs in the event of a positive Covid-19 test preventing you from leaving. Below you will find all formulas we can offer. The general conditions will be sent to you on request.

Important: in order to guarantee cancellation cover, the insurance must be issued within 48 hours of booking. If you book within the week before departure, this must be done on the day itself.

The attached documents are not available in English. You can find the French on the French page.

255 €

price from, per person, one way

Flights every Saturday and Wednesday from January 14 2023 till March 25 2023

The flight is operated with the Embraer ERJ-135 from the ASL Group fleet. The aircraft has 30 corporate seats with 92 cm of legroom instead of the traditional 78 cm. Because of the configuration – 10 rows with 1 seat on the left and 2 seats on the right – we guarantee that you will always be seated alone or next to someone in your party. During the flight we serve a snack and drinks including a glass of Moët & Chandon.

Antwerp – Innsbruck   17.00-18.10  AGR1000

Innsbruck – Antwerp   19.15-20.25  AGR2000


  • Corporate seat in the Embraer ERJ-135
  • 23 kg of check-in luggage
  • 1 personal item
  • Ski’s & shoes (1 set per person)
  • All drinks and a snack during the flight
  • Moët & Chandon champagne service
  • Choice between a single or double seat

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