Travel in times of Covid-19

During these times of social distancing, our Fly Executive Embraers (135/145) offer you enhanced safety and comfort through their specific seating configuration, with a single row of seats on one side of the isle, and a double row of seats on the other. This means you’ll likely never have to sit next to a stranger, as you’ll be sitting alone or next to someone you know. Moreover, all of our seats have a 36 inch seat pitch (distance to the next seat), offering you plenty of legroom and more space between seats.

You will also be given a face mask prior to departure

On June 8th, the Belgian ban on non-essential travel will be lifted, after which flights can be resumed. We expected the travel ban for Innsbruck to be lifted before the end of May, allowing us to operate our VIP route between Antwerp and Innsbruck as of the winter of 2021 without any problems.

In case any government measures – outgoing travel ban by the Belgian authorities or incoming travel ban by the Austrian or local competent authority – prevent us from operating your flight, we guarantee you a full refund of your tickets within 10 working days.

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